Right Recruitment is a Responsibility that can make or mar a company’s stature. Corecompt, an established People Provider firm since 1994, India, Bangalore, has made it their fundamental criteria to offer the most qualitative array of highly reliable and skilled personnel to their clients.

Driving candidates to the most intensive and vigorous tests, they maximize the quality of workforce their data base can offer. Believing that every organization thrives on its utmost intelligent and liable recruits, they have created a superlative data bank which provides only the best in each field. The weighty list of clients at Corecompt only reflects on the true professionalism that they profess to possess.

The Way We Work

We Intent to recruit talented and deserving candidates every minute, thereby creating value & delight to our customers, generating joy and satisfaction for ourselves.

Our Actions will create an environment of accomplishment for our customers and ourselves that will energise people around us.

With values that rigidly stand tall under any circumstance, CORECOMPT holds its head high in integrity and reliability. They bend no rules in favor of any institution or corporation. They maintain Exclusivity of Contract with clients where they do not entertain competing companies. In such cases they do not encourage companies of similar profile toward their informative data-base. They austerely do not poach/register/refer on resources from clients database to any other.

Staffing Solutions is a colossal task of integrating HR to the proper platform where the right talent fits the perfect role .At Corecompt ,their focused ,quick and productive procedures assists clients to reduce cost ,protect profits and improve service .

Increase the potential of your company by out-sourcing the perfect people power through CORECOMPT.

Mr. Bimal Chandran

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