CORECOMPT offers services that enhance HR talent by levying a string of vigorous tests and incentives to the candidates they intend retaining. This exercise assists Corecompts’ clientele in attaining the optimum for recruiting the perfect people for the right job slot.

The Services offered by Corecompt Consultants that facilitate their clients toward achieving the ideal HR are:

  • On campus recruitment targeting fresh graduates.
  • Written tests for all new enrollments so as to gauge their level of qualification.
  • Conducting walk-in interviews for on the spot screenings.
  • Arranging interviews on a large scale
  • Motivational seminars for new and existing recruits.
  • HR Problem Solving for companies needing external assistance.
  • Psycho-metric analysis.
  • Career Counseling on individual level.
  • Career Counseling at corporate level, which can be coordinated with clients’ HR department.
  • Interviewing and scanning of candidates from clients data bank on a completely confidential level pertaining to clients data base.

Recruitment Process

Two Phase interviews:

The unique strategy of two-phased interviews adopted by CORECOMPT ensures that their clients only get the cream of the best talent available. This program allows only those extremely well versed in their fields to finally reach their clients.

The first stage consists of the short listed candidates who have passed all tests. These tests could be verbal, functional or referral. The candidates are informed of their success at the end of the first stage.

The second stage is a series of interviews eventually held directly by the client to finalize from the first list standardized by CORECOMPT. This acts as a double-security seal on every approved candidate as they are actually screened and monitored twice by the end of the process.

This results in every skill and perspective of the candidate being thoroughly probed for the client to find the end product of paramount significance.

Sourcing of candidates:

  • Rich Database at Corecompt Consultants
  • Internet
  • Referrals
  • Newspaper advertisements
Resume Writing


  • Register your personal profile and current CV with Corecompt. Should the proper opportunity arise to present you to one of our clients, we will contact you.
  • Reach out to prestigeous and reputed blue-chip companies
  • Get jobs that best match your profile in your inbox
  • Total Confidentiality, Guaranteed!
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