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Unless you know where you want to go to, your career path will be absolutely meaningless ! It is important to set short, medium and long term goals in line with your career objectives.

Have you planned your career objective and where you will be, say, in 5 years or even 10 years? Or are you the sort of person who prefers to go with the flow and prepare no plans but rely on the events to take you wherever it goes?

If it is the latter you are out of sync with the world and become a strong candidate for obsolescence. Some people move up chronologically which means they move in the same industry and domain, whereas some people want to get a wider exposure of different functions and industries before they can find something that interests them.

Irrespective of what you prefer make sure that you quantify your goals, set milestones and achieve them.

Set Goals using our Career Tools and monitor them to completion.

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